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Weekly Update Feb 27 to March 3 Update Feb 27 to March 3<p>​This Week at a Glance</p><div>SHORT WEEK > February 27th—March 2nd</div><div>March 3rd is a P.A .DAY!</div><div><br></div><div>Monday February 27th</div><div>- Grade 7’s 2nd Immunization with SMDHU</div><div><br></div><div>Tuesday February 28th</div><div>- Rocks & Rings Curling Assembly</div><div>- Pizza Day @ 1:15pm-1:35pm</div><div><br></div><div>Wednesday March 1st</div><div>- Mrs. Pokorny’s Grade 2/3 Family Day! 9:00am—3:00pm</div><div><br></div><div>Thursday March 2nd</div><div>- Grades JK-4 Tiffin Conservation Field Trip. Students are encouraged to dress appropriately for weather and outdoor activity.</div><div><br></div><div>Friday March 3rd</div><div>- P.A. Day! Have a fun and safe day!</div>
Old Towels, Blankets and Face Clothes Required for Humane Society Towels, Blankets and Face Clothes Required for Humane Society<p>​​The Humane Society in Barrie has a number of animals in need of forever homes.  While they await adoption the Humane Society requires old towels, blankets and face clothes to make them as comfortable as possible.</p><p>Thank you to all the families that have already donated and thank you to those that respond to this last call for these items.</p>
Award Assembly - Friday February 24th @ 1:55p.m. Assembly - Friday February 24th @ 1:55p.m.<p>​<strong class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">Attention Parents!</strong></p><p><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">There may have been some incorrect information sent out last week about this weeks upcoming Award Assembly. Our apologies. <br></span></p><p style="text-align:center;"><strong class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">The Award Assembly is taking place this Friday February 24th during our last block of instruction at 1:55p.m.<br></strong></p><p style="text-align:left;"><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">Your student(s) teacher will contact you if he/she is receiving an award at the ceremony so you can try and be here to cheer them on! ;)  <br></span></p><p style="text-align:left;"><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Award.jpg" alt="Award.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-2 ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3" style="margin:5px;width:150px;" /><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">Thank You! </span><br></p><p style="text-align:center;"><strong></strong></p><p><br></p>
Report Cards went home today! Cards went home today! <p><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">​Reminder to all of our ICPS families -</span></p><p><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">Report Cards went home with your student(s) today!</span></p><p><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">Be sure to check your kids back packs when they get home!</span></p><p><span class="ms-rteFontFace-5 ms-rteFontSize-3">Have a great long weekend! </span></p><p><img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Report%20Card.jpg" alt="Report Card.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-2" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p>
Eagle Eye - Weekly Update February 21st - February 24th, 2017 Eye - Weekly Update February 21st - February 24th, 2017<p>​</p><p style="text-align:center;"><span lang="en-US" style="text-decoration:underline;">This Week at a Glance</span></p><p style="text-align:center;"><span lang="en-US" style="text-decoration:underline;">Short Week > Tuesday through Friday</span></p><p style="text-align:center;"><span lang="en-US" style="text-decoration:underline;"> </span></p><p><strong>Monday February 20th</strong></p><p><strong class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-9-0">- Happy Family Day! School's are CLOSED! </strong></p><p><strong>Tuesday February 21st</strong></p><p>- Pizza Day @ 1:15pm-1:35pm</p><p>- Grade 3's Swim to Survive Program @YMCA (3 of 3)</p><p>- Int. Girls Volleyball  Zones @ Hewitt's Creek @ 12:30pm</p><p><strong>Wednesday February 22nd</strong> </p><p><span class="ms-rteThemeForeColor-9-3">- SPIRIT DAY—PINK SHIRT DAY! We encourage students to wear PINK in support of anti-bullying! </span></p><p><strong>Thursday February 23rd</strong></p><p>- Awards Assembly > Last Block 1:55p.m. –3:35p.m.</p><p><strong>Friday February 24th n/a </strong></p><p> <a href="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/February%2020th-February%2024th,%202017.pdf"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/15/images/icpdf.png" alt="" />February 20th-February 24th, 2017.pdf</a></p>
Winter Fun Day is Tomorrow! Friday February 17th! Fun Day is Tomorrow! Friday February 17th! <p>Reminder to our ICPS Families! <br></p><p><strong>Winter Fun Day is tomorrow! </strong>The whole school will be participating in a variety of fun outdoor 'winter-themed' stations during our last two instructional blocks. <br></p><p>Please ensure your student(s) are dressed appropriately for all outdoor activities. </p><p><strong>IMPORTANT NOTE: Please send a reusable <span style="text-decoration:underline;">MUG</span> with your child(ren) - as we will be serving HOT COCOA and we are trying to avoid the use of disposable cups. Just one more way we are making an effort to be an eco-friendly school!</strong></p><p>Thank you! :) <img src="/PublishingImages/Lists/LocalNews/AllItems/Hot%20Cocoa%20Mug.jpg" alt="Hot Cocoa Mug.jpg" class="ms-rtePosition-4" style="margin:5px;" /><br></p>
Bring Your Own Mug on Friday Your Own Mug on Friday<p>​​In and effort to reduce waste, students are encouraged to bring their own mugs Friday for the Hot Chocolate that is being served.</p><p>No mug, no problem but try to remember a mug so that we don't use too many disposable mugs.</p>



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