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School Picture Day is Oct 11th Picture Day is Oct 11th<p>​​Mark the day in your calendar as this is our school picture day</p>
Welcome BackWelcome Back<p>​This is the place for regular updates about what is going on at Innisfil Central PS.</p>
Camp Quality Puppet Show Quality Puppet Show<p>Camp Quality Puppeteers present puppet shows to our students from K-8 highlighting Character Traits such as Caring, Empathy, Courage and ​Optimism.</p><p><br></p><p>​</p>
Head Lice Update #2 Lice Update #2<p>​​Thank you everyone for spending the required time to treat and 'nit pick'!</p><p>It would seem that we are gaining the upper hand in this "battle with lice".</p><p>During the next week or so, it is important that we all do the following:</p><p>1. Check your child's head every night</p><p>2. Pick any nits that you find off the hair follicle</p><p>3. If you child has lice and you did the first treatment - make sure that you do the second treatment within 7-10 days (or as instructed by whatever product you used)</p><p>At the school, we will keep monitoring the situation and will notify any parents of potential lice concerns.</p><p>Almost there...</p>
Head Lice Update #1 Lice Update #1<p>​​A big thank you to all those parents who had a "lousy" night last night treating heads and pulling nits.  Your hard work and diligence  is very much appreciated.</p><p>As we have all learned, this is something that one only ever wants to to do once (or never)!</p><p>Unfortunately, lice are very hardy little critters and our entire school community needs to be extra vigilent over the coming weeks.  It is a good idea for all parents to check every head, every day until this outbreak is over.</p><p>If you find lice or eggs, treat the hair (only do this once and follow the directions on whatever product you use).  This is day 1.  Check for eggs/nits every day for the next 7-10 days and then retreat the hair (as directed by your product).</p><p>It is very important that all nits be removed.  This is the hard part about treating for lice.  One day it will appear that you have removed all the nits and the next day, there will be more.  This is part of the normal life-cycle of lice.</p><p>With a situation like this, we really have to support each other by doing our all to get the lice out of our students' hair.  One head left untreated can lead to another outbreak and we could have to go through this entire process again.</p><p>If you have any questions or would like some assistance in dealing with lice in your family, please just contact the school... sadly, Mr. Russell has lots of experience with lice (both at school and at home last year).</p><p>We will get through this - together.</p>
Head Lice Issue at ICPS Lice Issue at ICPS<p>​​There are now 34 confirmed cases of head lice at ICPS, spread among students throughout the school.</p><p>Sadly, head lice is quite common and we have spoken to all of our students about not stigmatizing those who have head lice.  With this many students having head lice, just about every student will be impacted directly or indirectly and it is important that we all demonstrate caring and empathy towards those affected.</p><p>As a school community,​ we will pull together to get rid of these head lice and help our many affected families deal with the onerous task of getting rid of them.  </p><p>It is important that all students with head lice get the appropriate treatment to remove their head lice or this situation will not go away and could even get worse.</p><p>Students that have confirmed cases of head lice have been sent home with a letter notifying their parents of the need  for treatment.  Prior to reattending class, these students will be checked and if evidence of head lice is found, they will <span style="text-decoration:underline;">not</span> join their classmates.  This is a very important part of getting rid of this nuisance. </p><p>Any families requiring assistance in managing head lice in their family should contact the school office and we will work together to assist them.</p><p>Thank you for your support and  caring while we bring resolution to this situation.</p>
Barrie Colts Adopt a School - Innisfil Central Colts Adopt a School - Innisfil Central<p class="MsoNormal"><strong>​On Thursday December 8th the Barrie Colts host the Windsor Spitfires.</strong></p><p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Our Primary Choir will be singing the National Anthem at that game.</strong></p><p class="MsoNormal"><strong>A portion of Proceeds from ticket sales will go to our School.</strong></p><p class="MsoNormal"><strong>Come out and cheer on our Primary Choir... and the Colts!</strong></p>



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