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Final Message - June 2020

Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Wednesday, June 24, 2020
Wednesday, June 24, 2020

‚ÄčAnother school year is behind us and what a year it was!

On behalf of all the staff at Innisfil Central Public School, I would like to wish everyone a safe and happy summer vacation.  As we all do, I sincerely hope that we are back together next year, if it is safe for us to do so. 

I have received many questions about who is teaching what next year.  Here is a list of the current teacher assignments for September 2020.  We are welcoming some new faces and saying goodbye to some familiar ones.

FDK - Mrs. Wilson & Mrs. Jackson

FDK - Mrs. McDiarmid & Mrs. Williams

Gr. 1/2 - Mrs. Caietta

Gr. 2 - Mrs. Voo

Gr. 2/3 - Mrs. Stanley

Gr. 3/4 - Mrs. Lachapelle

Gr. 4/5 - Mr. Ffrench

Gr. 5/6 - Mr. Danko

Gr. 6/7 - Mr. Charters

Gr. 7/8 - Mrs. Robb-Randriansalo

French - Mssr. Fitrion

Library - Mrs. DeGeer

Spec Ed - Mrs. San Juan & Mrs. Vlahos

Planning Time - Mrs. Vlahos & Mrs. Kelman

EA - Mrs. Derry & Mrs. Macpherson

Office - Mrs. Vent

Custodians - Mrs. Rumley & Mrs. Celsie 


We would like to say a very fond farewell to Mr. Belgue and Mrs. Wilson, who have both decided to say goodbye to education and seek greener pastures in retirement.  To say that they will be missed is an understatement.  From all of us, all the best and happy retirement.

New to the School:

We would like to welcome Kathryn Stanley (2/3) and Karey Robb-Randriansalo (7/8) to our teaching complement and Irene Rumley as our new Chief Custodian.

Class Placement Requests:

If you have placement requests, you may send your wishes.  All requests will be considered, but no placements are guaranteed.  Please also note, that for the past two years, we have had to reorganize the school (additional classroom added) at the end of September and this means changing student placements at that time.

Enjoy your summer everyone and stay well.

Chris Russell

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